We live in a time filled with paradoxes: Collectively, we know far more than perhaps all the generations that preceded us combined, and yet individually we have far more unanswered questions than ever before. We have more capacity to solve problems than our forebears could have possibly imagined, and yet new challenges arise at such an alarming rate that we barely seem able to address them.

That’s why at Quest Global, we apply cool-headed engineering excellence to meet every challenge we face and to continue solving the problems of today that stand in the way of a better tomorrow.

Leveraging next-gen technologies for a cleaner tomorrow

While it doesn’t take an engineer to know that contamination of our one Earth is chief among the major concerns currently plaguing humanity, it does take engineering excellence to know how to fix it. That is why in the last several years, technologies like IoT, AI and big data have emerged as promising change agents and why government agencies and private investors alike are collaborating with technology providers to develop infrastructure and design solutions that will make cities smarter, urban transport systems more sustainable, and public spaces cleaner.

Quest Global: Engineering digital solutions for cleaner and safer cities

With deep domain expertise in mechanical engineering and digital technologies, Quest Global delivers solutions that combine software, hardware, and edge IoT technologies with engineering and security capabilities to make cities and transportation systems cleaner and safer. In addition we deliver connected intelligence across transport networks and public infrastructure to ensure enhanced user experiences and sustainability.

Problem: Negligence and damage

Machine and Camera Vision-based systems: Machine learning-based camera systems and sensors can accurately and immediately identify mass transit concerns, such as trash and damage recognition, air filtration system failure, machine operator negligence, lost belongings, vandalism, and passenger vehicle issues.

Problem: Trash accumulation

Mechanical design & development: Material selection and fastidious attention to the design of vehicle interiors and public spaces can severely curtail trash accumulation while simultaneously ensuring user ergonomics and optimum space usage.

Problem: Poor air quality

Air quality management system: Sensors and actuators capable of detecting critical particles and neutralizing them for improved air quality are vital to creating a healthy environment in shared vehicles, trains, metro stations, convention centers, theaters, and more, thereby improving our collective wellness.

For 25 years, Quest Global has focused on being the most trusted partner for the world’s hardest engineering problems. Today, as people increasingly make urban areas their home, Quest Global’s smart city solutions will lead the charge for providing the kind of critical remediation government and civic authorities worldwide will need to meet the ever-growing demand for clean and sustainable public infrastructure. Building a brighter future and believing that the best is yet to come… that’s Quest Global at work.


Adria Roca, Manager
Jaume Grimalt, Senior Lead Engineer
Alba Clemente, Senior Engineer
Joan Antoni Mas, Engineer

Written by Adria Roca, Jaume Grimalt, Alba Clemente and Joan Antoni Mas

on 06 Jul 2022