The last week of October saw QuEST Global participating in the AWS DeepRacer League 2021, a one of its kind gamified competition, designed to drive engagement for building and training machine learning models. As part of the two-day workshop, participants had to build a Machine Learning model to train a car that could compete on a racing track and win. The best three were chosen as winners and will now be participating in a much bigger multi-partner AWS DeepRacer event, scheduled in the first quarter of 2022.

Questians Acing at the DeepRacer League

The DeepRacer League brings developers and ML experts from around the world to test their ML skills. As a certified AWS partner, 60+ skilled ML developers and experts from QuEST competed against each other to build a ML-driven car to race on the track. Participants built Reinforcement Learning (RL) models to race on an AWS DeepRacer device and in the 3D virtual racing simulator.

Kudos to the Winners!

The winners of the QuEST edition of the DeepRacer League are:

  1. Prayag (Crypticanalyst)
  2. Thulasi (Urgentmachine)
  3. Steve (Higher Model)

“I always had a strong desire to explore Machine Learning. Thanks to QuEST & AWS, for this wonderful opportunity to participate in the AWS Deep Racer League. I am super excited for the DeepRacer League Finale”, said Prayag, winner of the DeepRacer League.

The Championship Finale

Winners will now represent QuEST at the final multi-partner round and compete for the Championship Cup 2021. The finale will see QuEST winners battling it out against some of the most skilled ML developers from across the world.

A big congratulations to the winners and our best wishes for the grand finale!

Written by Devashree Sadekar

on 12 Jan 2022