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We are living in unprecedented times, wherein technology and globalization are driving changes and transformations at levels never seen before. Automation and digitally enabled technologies are ushering us into the world of tomorrow. Coping with this level of dynamism demands pertinent skills — such as the ability to think through complex problems, to understand and critically analyze situations and opportunities logically, and to be able to create solutions that create a sustainable impact.

At QuEST, we bring you wholesome global engineering careers that are engaging, relevant, and fun. With absolutely no limits for your aspirations. We provide you with opportunities to create innovative solutions to realistic problems, rather than just mundane jobs. We help you to rediscover the joy of engineering.

Life @ QuEST

  • Fun at Work
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  • CSR Activities

While passion plays an important role at work, we also indulge in activities that help us relax and recharge. Festive get-togethers, holiday celebrations, sports & socials or just a day out with colleagues and families, Questians participate in fun and rejuvenating exercises.

The extra step taken beyond and above the call of duty hardly goes unnoticed. Questians who make a difference with their passion, dedication and contribution are recognized and appreciated ceremoniously. We believe that a pat on the back does more than a motivational speech.

In our endeavour to support education, we have initiated many steady programs and projects that cater to students of our adopted schools in India. Our CSR philosophy of Engineering Positive Change through Education is employee driven. Likewise, across the globe, our employees indulge in CSR initiatives that make a difference to the community.

Our Culture


Sonia Kutty, highlights the contribution of global diversity that contributes to QuEST's unique work environment

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Questians Say

I have been a Questian for almost my entire career and have seen the organization grow from an engineering-focused company to a technology leaders across essential industries. As the Head of Technology initiatives at QuEST, I am able to offer my team opportunities to execute their ideas for innovation, which is not just a plus for the company and the employee but for the entire industry. I am proud that I have played a significant role in building this organization and am looking forward to contributing to take it to the league of the world’s leading technology companies in the years to come.

- T C Ramesh, Technology Leader, Questian for 17 years

QuEST is leading the convergence of mechanical, digital and software engineering innovations across the globe. I am pleased to get an opportunity to derive satisfaction from solving critical engineering problems that translate to enhancing the day-to-day lives of consumers.

- Sindhu Ramachandran, Principal Architect, Questian for 10 years

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- Nawaz Shariff, Questian for 2 years

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