AI, Smart Factories, Big Data and Analytics, Integrated systems and Automation have been the top most priority for most industrial companies for a while. However, barring some of the largest players, very few have been able to digitize and transform effectively and seamlessly.


QuEST helps you leverage disruptive technologies like IoT, AI/ML/DL and AR to enable you to keep pace with market disruptions, develop smarter products and create new business models.

QuEST's Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Enabling the factory of the future


QuEST partners with industrial customers to design and engineer an ecosystem of integrated solutions to achieve key business outcomes, reduce time to market significantly and deliver disruptive products cost-effectively.


What we deliver

  • Design, engineer and innovate industrial ecosystems
  • Create interactive workflows for autonomous deliveries
  • Deliver continuous improvement processes for effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility
  • End-to-end global supply chain support

End-to-End Capabilities in Manufacturing Engineering (ME)

Accelerating innovation across the manufacturing value chain

Manufacturing Engineering Value Streams

Bridging design and production for optimum business results

Solutions and Accelerators

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