Announces plan to expand local foot print for supporting automotive manufacturers and OEMs  

Munich, Germany November 05, 2018: QuEST Global, the pioneering engineering services provider, has announced its plans to expand the presence in Germany by investing in acquiring local talent and technology companies. This market diversification plan is part of QuEST’s objective to strengthen its engineering service offerings to automotive customers in Germany and also across the globe.

Focusing more on key customers in Germany, QuEST intends to double its headcount in Germany by 2020, and invest in technology companies based in the country to foster innovation. With Industry 4.0 taking the center stage and considering the strategic needs of its automotive clients, QuEST is looking to boosting its capabilities in transformative technologies like augmented reality, artificial intelligence capabilities, analytics and cloud on connected vehicles, autonomous cars, shared services and e-mobility.

Over the past few years, QuEST has been expanding its footprint in Germany. In 2015, the company invested in Engineering und Design im Fahrzeugbau (EDF) GmbH, a Munich-based premier automotive engineering services company. This was followed by investments in Germany-based DETECH Fahrzeugentwicklung and Romania-based IT Six Global Services in 2017. These investments were part of the company’s strategy to strengthen the breadth and depth of its engineering services offerings to customers, and also to enhance its capabilities in the automotive domain.  The company now brings in more than two decades of combined in-depth experience to the German automotive market.

Gerhard Hauk, Managing Director, QuEST Global, Germany said, “The convergence of mechanical and digital technologies is changing the industry rapidly and we are committed to bring software and digital expertise from across the globe to Germany. At QuEST, we are aligning our growth plans to meet the varying needs of the growing automotive industry in Germany, and thus help the country’s economy. We are looking forward to working with leading OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers, and to invest in local talent and technology companies to be able to provide innovative engineering solutions to our customers.”

Commenting on the commitment intended by QuEST Global to the German market, Siddharth Mudgal, Chairman, German-Indian Business Forum said, “As a leader in providing premium engineering services, QuEST is one of the key players in the industry. The significant investments made by engineering service providers like QuEST in Germany and its talent, will certainly augment the technology advancements in the region. We look forward to a long and prosperous mutual relationship, where we seek to strengthen the German economy and enable a digital engineering future for the automotive industry in Germany.”

Berthold Puchta, Vice President and Global Industry Leader – Transportation, QuEST Global said, “Over the past few years, automotive companies have been struggling to keep pace with the evolving industry landscape, wherein cars are transforming from just being connected to becoming as smart as our smartphones. QuEST partners with global OEMs and tier-1s to provide services that help realize system and sub-system designs in the automotive domain. Our unique synergy with customers comes through customizing an integrated local-global solution delivery approach that fits their varying needs. QuEST is committed to meet the consumer demands in areas such as safety, comfort and enhanced driving experience.”

About QuEST Global

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