Detect Defects Faster with the Power of AI Vision Inspection

Quest Global ThirdEye Solution for Manufacturing


Consistently detecting product quality defects with speed and at a low cost presents a challenge to manufacturing companies. In this webinar, Quest covers ThirdEye, an AI-based vision analytics platform that uses distributed camera infrastructure to capture and analyze images and video feeds. ThirdEye overcomes shortcomings faced by human inspection and basic machine vision systems by adding a layer of deep learning models on top of vision inspection systems. Using Microsoft Azure Stack Edge and Machine Learning, along with Azure IoT Hub with NVIDIA GPUs, the ThirdEye solution improves accuracy in identifying defects while also being faster and cost-effective.


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Watch this webinar to learn about

  • Quest Global and its approach
  • Using computer vision and deep learning AI to identify defects
  • Real-world examples of how ThirdEye creates actionable results
  • How Quest Global partners with Microsoft


John Phillips

Cloud Services Marketing, Sales & Partnerships - Quest Global

Abhijeet Marathe

IoT/Azure Leader - Quest Global