Customer Challenge

The challenge was to design and develop software for a thermal conditioning unit, a product to be developed from scratch in India. The software had to be fully adjustable and created in such a way that the test system could be developed in advance of hardware being connected to it.


  • Scope of the project is to take software development responsibilities of MUC software and to design an emulator for testing different releases — a solution that can be used across all future trains.
  • Prepare concept documentation, software requirements, and a robust design system for the project.
  • Develop the software for the same and prepare test specifications and test reports.
  • Release all necessary documents in product data management software.


  • We designed the hardware emulator as per the system requirements.
  • Our team delivered maintenance and versioning of MUC software.
  • We created concept documents for thermal conditioning unit software.
  • We migrated the software environment from CODESYS to C/C++ as per project requirements.
  • Our team designed and developed the software and carried out testing work with the thermal conditioning unit team in India.


  • Quest Global designed emulator has inbuilt functionalities of batteries, thermal conditioning units, HVR units and more.
  • Reviewed the possibilities of different controllers for the thermal conditioning unit software development from a cost perspective.
  • Thermal conditioning unit design complies to requirement to have cooling as well as heating for Li-Ion batteries and cooling for DC-DC converter for charging.
  • Additional features incorporated such as silent mode of operation or logging of operational hours and power cycles of components for commissioning.


  • Design is compatible with European train projects and can be used as a platform solution across all future battery-operated train projects
  • The design takes into account human factors and all safety regulations
  • The emulator we supported  to design and develop is a useful and cost-effective alternative to standard verification and testing work.
  • With the emulator, software unit test and partial system integration test is possible at India site.