Customer Challenge

To design a Junction Box for generation 1.1 which can be utilised for both roof and underfloor mounted projects. As a result, our teams had to come up with a solution  that worked flexibly in a limited space as part of retrofit projects.

The design had to be singular and applicable in a variety of situations – ensuring that both on the roof and underfloor it would still work with multiple traction battery unit (TBU) combinations.


  • To design a junction box for generation 1.1 as a combined solution for both roof and under floor mounting locations
  • Design a mounting bracket between Junction box and the TBUs
  • Starting from critical design review to detailed design review, design a platform prototype solution for four TBUs 
  • Release of all required documents in product data management


  • Our teams investigated different space locations available for the best junction box placement
  • Team studied the maintainability of the product for both roof and under floor situations
  • Our team developed different design proposals for both roof and under floor mounting individually
  • With these steps in place, our team designed a platform prototype solution of junction box for four TBUs


  • Our proposed designs were in accordance with the high standards and requirements which our client upheld
  • Prototype design for four TBUs is highly compatible which can be considered for future projects


  • The platform junction box solution can be used in other projects
  • The solution offered is flexible – it can be used in future roof and under-floor mounted projects