My passion for solving the hardest engineering problems ironically started by being surrounded by doctors. Hi, I am Sindhu Ramachandran, and this is my Engineers of Quest Global story.

While growing up, most of my relatives and neighbors were doctors, and I  was fascinated by their approach to their profession. I’d often ask them, ‘why did you choose such a challenging field?’ and they’d answer, ‘because I want to help and do something good’.

In high school, while I was more inclined towards technology and engineering, I still wanted to be a part of something they did. My beliefs and views were further cemented when I met my husband, who is also…drumroll…a doctor. The decision to do my masters’s degree in Digital Image Computing was a turning point in my life. It was the first time I realized the immense possibilities that can be leveraged by applying software technology for the human good.

Be it in 2015, when I took on the impossible challenge of starting the Deep Learning solutions team at Quest Global with just 2 engineers, to making it possible and even winning customer projects in AI/Deep Learning. Or, in my most recent work, that assists in detecting COVID-19 from chest X-Ray images with explainable AI. Those who I grew up with, my family, teachers, and my mentors at Quest Global, along with my personal beliefs, have led me to where I am.

Today, as I lead the Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence (CoE) in Software and Digital Practice at Quest Global, I am fortunate to have a platform to influence women and others in engineering backgrounds. I can proudly say that I develop technologies that change people’s lives across the globe – be it life sciences, automotive, or industrial and nurture a new generation of innovators and technologists who can make this world a better place.


Written by Sindhu Ramachandran

on 04 Jul 2022