At QuEST our tagline “Born to Engineer” wraps up very nicely who we are, what we do and our approach to conducting business. We have customers, colleagues who join us, others who may have left us, play back to us that this is indeed a very unique aspect about QuEST. An engineering approach to most things we do. It is in our DNA and over the years since its inception in 1997, has been internalised within QuEST, and has become integral to our culture over the years. We have worked on projects that are “mission critical and cutting-edge engineering” for our customers in high technology domains – Aerospace, Energy and Automotive. We take an engineer’s approach in our day-to-day work, striving to improve continuously, analyse the impact and the outcome of a decision from multiple angles, etc., irrespective of whether you do engineering at QuEST or any other function. We are passionate about engineering excellence, which is the heart of our business. We look at our work holistically — be it design & detailing, analysis, performance testing, manufacturing support or repair engineering – understanding how it fits in with the rest of the part or the product. We perceive things as opportunities to exploit or problems to be solved. Our solutions are human-centered — desirable, feasible & viable, sustainable, usable and manageable — which at the end of the day, create value for our customers. The big picture is all about what we are doing to enable our customers to release their products quicker to the market, how we are helping them eliminate or save costs, or to put it simply, how we engineer their growth?

Besides internalizing the passion for engineering, we try to make it infectious too. The fourth edition of Ingenium, an intercollegiate event where we invite graduating students from colleges across India to showcase their engineering talent, concluded recently with more than 2000 teams and 8000 student registrations. You can read more about the event here.

Also, check out this video to catch the response of student participants to this initiative.

Written by QuEST Global

on 24 Jun 2014