Good supplier relationships start with clear, honest and consistent communication. These 3 key elements coupled with an experienced team help develop a strong communication plan between the customer and supplier. A strong communication plan sets the expectations from the start and throughout the relationship. This will provide opportunity to streamline communication, improve supplier relationships and increase the speed for both parties to benefit from reductions in costs and risks.

A successful supplier relationship gets built by adopting a collaborative approach.  When you treat your suppliers like partners you establish an environment of trust – this enables un-biased action by both teams. An environment of trust comes from sharing and understanding of experience, team roles as well as goals and vision.  This allows the team to solve problems and overcome obstacles along the way to reach desired outcomes.

In OEM dealings with suppliers, trust and respect are paramount. Taking the time to build trust and foster a respectful supplier relationship is key to working effectively. Relationships matter and a good strong relationship is built on mutual respect. When each side respects each other, a trustworthy environment is created and able to grow. Developing trust by demonstrating respectful and transparent interactions enables both parties to succeed under critical business conditions.

Written by Rodrigo Garza

on 06 Dec 2021

Center Manager, Supplier Development

Supply Chain Services