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Event Date : 11 Jan 2021 | Mon | Time : 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM

Accelerator solutions built with strong partnerships, cutting edge technologies backed by 2 decades of domain knowledge


Technology-oriented industries such as semiconductor chip designers, semiconductor equipment OEMs, Software & Internet companies, consumer electronics OEMs, and computing & peripheral companies, are witnessing massive transformation, which in turn, define the emerging product & devices landscape.

Global leaders in these industries are grappling with multiple challenges, intense competition and the constant pressure to innovate. Over and above all these factors, the most significant differentiator in this hi-tech world is end-customer experience. In order to deliver an outstanding experience,  companies require the right combination of new pervasive technologies and newer business models.

QuEST can help you overcome these challenges with conditioned multi-industry engineering expertise combined with capabilities in emerging technologies such as AI and deep learning, augmented and virtual reality, internet of things (IoT), big data and analytics, next-gen automotive, security and block-chain, and enterprise software. We apply a structured innovation process that balances user-centric design, focuses on business outcomes, leveraging the latest technologies.

Solution Accelerators & Demonstration

  • IoT Platform
  • Edge Computing
  • Equipment Automation Solution
  • Automation Tool

Accelerates Digital Transformation

  • XaaS platform development
  • Secure and Trusted maintenance
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Remote device management
  • Product Analytics with insights
  • Improved search
  • Chatbots as 24 X 7 helpdesk
  • Alerts and notifications

Accelerates Edge Computing Implementation

  • Edge analytics
  • Edge storage
  • Edge rules engine
  • Industrial Protocol adapters

Accelerates Automation of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

  • Features enabling an equipment from OEM lab to end customer fab
  • Equipment automation
  • Factory automation
  • Predictive analytics
  • Yield analytics
  • Automation of a range of equipment (Etch, Deposition, Inspection, Metrology, Implant, Stocker, Furnace, Sorter)

Accelerates deep learning (DL) Development

  • Develop deep learning models for machine vision solutions
  • Achieve a streamlined and cost effective workflow for model creation


Automotive companies are experiencing a rapidly evolving automotive landscape where cars are transforming from just being connected to becoming as smart as our smartphones. QuEST is committed to solving such industry challenges for our global automotive customers by accelerating innovation & development across key areas like IVI, body, chassis, powertrain & exhaust, HVAC, instruments & gauges, ADAS, AUTOSAR Services & Tools, security and so on.

QuEST is uniquely positioned to partner with companies through our deep domain knowledge in the automotive industry and our engineering expertise in mechanical, electronics, software and digital technologies. Having worked with some of the world’s largest automotive OEMs and component suppliers, we understand the importance of delivering value to the automotive industry’s end customers.

QuEST’s solution accelerators further fuel our passion to co-engineer our client’s vision of connected car, autonomous driving, shared mobility and e-mobility.

Solution Accelerators

Adaptive FOTA

Securely update IVI and ECUs over the air

Auto Emulator

Developer tool to implement automotive apps without access to real vehicle hardware

Driver Rating Platform

Trip Summaries, routes and Driver feedback

Spare Parts

counterfeit preventionAuditable traceability system through smart tags

Connected Car Solution

For OEMs to deliver necessary on-board and back-end solution to create connected vehicles

System Development

Development and maintenance of software stack across multi-OS


Deep Learning in ADAS Applications



Digital technologies have enabled many disruptive solutions. Likewise, today’s digital technologies are enabling product & service companies to realize their prime objectives of faster product regeneration and optimization of assets, facility, fleet and network. QuEST is focused to drive incremental changes in productivity, uptime, maintenance, efficiency, and more to improve profitability and the end-user experience of our customer’s products & services.

QuEST helps Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) integrate and automate their design systems for seamless data exchange across product development lifecycles. This not only digitalizes engineering, but also enables design optimization. Additionally, QuEST also helps OEMs in developing digital solutions such as:

  • Fine tuning performance/efficiency and optimizing asset utilization
  • Developing an analytical model & Digital Twin to augment predictability in field services
  • Feeding the information back to engineering for product performance enhancement, improving design fidelity and minimizing physical validation

With more than twenty years of deep domain expertise in engineering processes across industries, QuEST also has proven capabilities in pervasive digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning, FOTA, NLP, AR/VR, Blockchain and security.