Countless companies are now embarking on their respective digital journeys. This is primarily for leveraging the digital platform’s advantages that help them surpass the competition, drive business benefits, while also cost-optimizing digital platforms to provide end-to-end solutions that seamlessly integrate organization wide systems and functions.

QuEST’s Platform Development services focus on providing consulting, design & development expertise to build & sustain custom digital platforms for our customers. The platforms could range from IoT to AR to analytics to collaboration based, with multi-disciplinary use cases.

QuEST helps customers in implementing both off-the-shelve versions, as well as customized solutions based on their needs. Our technology consulting areas include:

  1. IoT
  2. Cloud
  3. Security & Blockchain
  4. Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality
  5. Mobility
  6. Enterprise

Solution Offerings

Platform Design & Development

  • IoT- Consulting and design
  • Big Data analytics – Data analytics, cloud software engineering, Enterprise product & services development
  • Deep learning/Machine learning- Process automation and optimization by leveraging AI / DL across industries
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual reality- All-inclusive engineering services that enable and manage AR for workforce productivity in maintenance, training, sales & marketing
  • Mobility
  • Enterprise
  • Security and Blockchain- Consulting and security enablement for all things connected along with R&D on blockchain

Digital platform integration

IoT, data, enterprise, security and blockchain

Digital Platform Sustenance & Support

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