Customer Challenge

Infrastructure Cost Reduction

The Customer was faced with a very fragmented system design (30+ applications) with ~80% of their business (>500MUSD) dependent on this system. Customer was challenged with multiple hosting environments, high cost of maintenance, training & deployment.


  • Assessment, design and implementation of cloud based IaaS, and PaaS solution


  • Service provider agnostic solution
  • Seamless integration of AWS, Azure, on premise and 3rd party infra
  • 100% uptime since go live (18 months)
  • 50+ servers, 25+ databases, 1000+ users
  • Build, migrate, re-engineer, re-platform, and re-host


  • 50% reduction in Infrastructure costs
  • Auto scalable and future ready
  • 99.999% available/BCP-DR compliant
  • DDoS protected


  • Mission critical cloud migration on AWS, Azure, on premise and 3rd party DC