Smart & Connected Cash Safe

Customer Challenges

Transform a conventional cash safe to a connected and smart one. Sustenance of the product.

The customer is one of the world's leading provider of security safes and security solutions, established in1940’s in North America. As one of the largest manufacturer of custom security safes in the world, the customer was looking for a partner to

  • Transform their traditional cash safe device to a Smart and Connected cash safe leveraging IoT
  • Increase revenues with DaaS business model
  • Sustenance of the product


End-to-end responsibility for

  • Electronics hardware – design development & prototyping
  • Embedded software - Design and development of firmware, middleware and application
  • Mobile applications – Development of android and iOS mobile applications for accessing the data from cloud
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Certification support for the H/W and products


Leverage QuEST’s expertise in end-to-end product development (H/W, S/W, digital and certification)

  • All boards are redesigned with advanced microcontroller in the same series
  • Form factor maintained for backward compatibility
  • Introduced plug-in architecture for ease of adding new modules
  • Redundancy memory backup for restoring failed modules
  • Enhanced security for lock boards to meet UL standards
  • Introduced connectivity module
  • Encrypted inter-board and external communication flow


  • Increased efficiency for all stakeholders by 30-50%
  • Reduced maintenance costs with features like FOTA and remote monitoring
  • Improved brand perception with the addition of differentiating features


  • Delivered a fully functional unit in 18 months
  • Enabled PaaS (Product-as-a-service) business model. The customer is exploring new revenue streams


  • Automated messaging system to all registered users
  • Cloud based management system with LTE/M2M module
  • Mobile enabled field technician support system
  • Information on the go, live up-to-date information accessible on any device, any time and anywhere that reduces audit time
  • Live status reporting & push notification via fully electronic record keeping