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Virtual Power Plant Whitepaper – Download

PCB Sustenance Factory Whitepaper – Download

Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

Quest global ayuda al fabricante de motores aeronáuticos a garantizar el pronto lanzamiento del primer motor de cumplimiento

 Emplear a Quest Global para administrar las actividades de presteza para su cadena de suministro ayudó a este fabricante de motores aeronáuticos a garantizar una entrega 100% puntual de las piezas para el montaje final 

FaSaT an interoperable test automation solution

In software industry, test automation is a key solution for achieving volume verification and validation with optimal costs. Picking up the right automation tool and underlying scripting language has always been a challenge, balancing between cost factors and team’s expertise levels in various tools and scripting languages. A real solution would be one that allows

The Indian Express | Engineering Firm QuEST Global to Hire 2,000 Digital Experts in Pune

QuEST Global is turning its centre in the city into a digital hub — the primary location for its work with hi-tech customers.

Solución de gestión de flotas

Solución de gestión de flotas para que el PNUD optimice la utilización de flotas y coste de las operaciones.

BISinfotech | Accelerate the Impact of AI in Your Business with MLtiply

Early adaptors of AI are already reaping benefits by staying on top of their competition and can vouch for the impact AI brings to research and development, innovation, and market rollouts to even predict future shifts in any business model.

Karnataka’s Engineering Research & Development Policy Launch