Shared Vision for Better Outcomes

The Microsoft – QuEST Global partnership has been replete with several milestones and innovative solutions.


As a Microsoft partner for more than a decade, QuEST has been building and deploying several key solution accelerators that have been used by customers in critical business areas like asset management, fleet management, energy management and vision analytics solution.


Using these solution accelerators, built on Azure IoT, QuEST has been helping its customers take the next step in their digital transformation journey by automating the process of identifying production problems, proactively implementing innovative solutions, and making products efficient and more reliable.


A Dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for Microsoft Azure

The CoE for Microsoft Azure enables QuEST to achieve the next level of excellence and expertise in future research, strategy, and creation of innovative platforms and solutions based on Azure technologies for customers across different sectors such as industrial, healthcare, automotive and many more. The CoE focuses on refining existing solutions and creating new solutions, proof of concepts, and technology demonstrators leveraging technologies like Mixed Reality, Digital Twin, Data Analytics, Cloud Engineering, IoT, and AI.


The CoE hosts advanced training and upskilling of QuEST engineers to adapt to modern-day Azure technologies, best practices, and infrastructure for more successful business experience. The CoE has a wide range of Azure certified professionals ranging from Azure Solution Architects, Azure IoT Engineers, Azure Data Engineers to Azure AI Engineers, Azure DevOps and Azure Security Engineers.


In addition, the CoE also forms the core of QuEST’s new initiatives in upcoming technology domains like Quantum Computing, Azure Media Service, and many more.


Our Collaborative Offerings

  • Azure IoT
  • Azure ML
  • Azure Data & Analytics
  • Azure Cloud Engineering Services

QuEST has been leveraging Azure IoT to help customers connect assets, discover insights, and drive informed actions to transform their business. We have expertise in developing robust and secure IoT solutions—from edge to cloud—on Azure and have built multiple solution accelerators in partnership with Microsoft. We support customers on Azure IoT across the product life cycle - from architecture to PoC, MVP and commercialization. We have built numerous product and solutions for our customers.

QuEST has extensive experience in AI/ Deep Learning practice to support customers in their AI transformation journey through AI Ideation, Data Analysis, Data Preparation, Data Labelling, Data Augmentation/ Generation, AI Model Development and Performance Optimization & Production Testing & Deployment.

QuEST offers designing and building optimized, secure and scalable modern data infrastructure. We support customers in areas such as Database Migration, Data Lake Migration, Data Warehouse Migration, Analytics and BI modernization.

We support customers in their Azure cloud migration journey in areas like cloud strategy consultation, cloud implementation & cloud operations.

QuEST Blueprint Solutions Powered by Azure IoT

QuEST has been delivering innovative digital platforms and blueprint solutions to help companies unravel new possibilities, create new products & solutions and support new business models. In each of these, the Microsoft Azure platform has a been the core of QuEST’s intelligent edge and cloud solutions offerings.


Powered by Azure IoT, we have built blueprint solutions that can be leveraged for rapid deployment of digital transformation solutions in a variety of industries and use cases and propel businesses forward in their digital journey.


QuEST Asset Tracking & Monitoring

A comprehensive inventory management tool that enables business owners to locate, track and monitor their goods and remote assets in real time, 24x7

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QuEST Fleet Management

A robust AI based tool that enables business owners to manage, locate, track, monitor and assess their fleet vehicles in real time, 24x7

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QuEST Intelligent Humidity & Temperature Control

An intelligent tool that enables a smart way to track, monitor, and manage temperature, humidity,  & energy consumption patterns in commercial and industrial premises

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QuEST AI Vision Inspection

An advanced AI-driven vision inspection platform to detect manufacturing defects and thereby optimize production delivery, improve product quality & reduce human inspection overheads

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Key Success Stories

United Nations (UNDP)

QuEST Fleet Management solution to leverage telemetry readings from IoT-enabled devices to help UNDP track its fleet’s location, driver behavior, speed, and vehicle health—in real time.


QuEST Asset Tracking & Monitoring solution for manufacturing plant equipment asset performance management with IoT and machine learning.

Connected Healthcare

Migration to Azure Cloud of a 'Remote Care Services Platform' for a leading manufacturer of clinical diagnostics devices that allows constant monitoring of the medical devices’ health condition, keeping it operational with minimal downtime, timely preventive maintenance & automatic detection of issues needing service coupled with proactive scheduling of field service visits. 

Renewable Energy

QuEST AI Vision Inspection Solution to aid quality inspectors in defect detection while manufacturing wind turbines by leveraging multiple camera feeds along the length of the turbines.

Oil & Gas

QuEST AI Vision Inspection Solution to improve the security & surveillance at O&G rigs with PPE compliance checks for workers, alerts for unauthorized access etc.

Warehouse Analytics

QuEST AI Vision Inspection Solution to optimize the plant operations of one of the one of the world's largest bottling industry with AI vision analytics and streamline the overall supply chain process.

Smart Home

A complete home-automation solution that seamlessly integrates home appliances & also helps the residents control them with an iPad app for enhanced luxury and ease of living.

An Art Museum

QuEST Humidity & Temperature control solution driven by real-time monitoring of environmental parameters to maintain the optimum conditions for the art displayed in the museum.

Our Partnership at Work

As a longstanding Microsoft Gold Partner, QuEST Global has made its presence felt across key tech and industry events and conferences worldwide by showcasing a series of its business-critical and reference solutions powered by the Microsoft cloud technologies architecture.


“We are excited about the CoE for Microsoft Azure at QuEST premises. Microsoft has always endeavored and strived to deliver excellence and help clients achieve more through continuous innovation. As one of our elite IoT and AI partners, the QuEST CoE is yet another opportunity to further our valued collaboration and create new-age products and solutions using Azure Technology to help customers transform their business” - Michael Kuptz, General Manager – Americas, IoT & Mixed Reality Sales, Microsoft Corp.

Webinar: Detect Defects Faster with the Power of AI Vision Inspection


Quest Global ThirdEye Solution for Manufacturing


Consistently detecting product quality defects with speed and at a low cost presents a challenge to manufacturing companies. In this webinar, Quest Global covers ThirdEye, an AI-based vision analytics platform that uses distributed camera infrastructure to capture and analyze images and video feeds. ThirdEye overcomes shortcomings faced by human inspection and basic machine vision systems by adding a layer of deep learning models on top of vision inspection systems. Using Microsoft Azure Stack Edge and Machine Learning, along with Azure IoT Hub with NVIDIA GPUs, the ThirdEye solution improves accuracy in identifying defects while also being faster and cost-effective.


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