Rail Capabilities and Offerings

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Traction Battery System: Junction Box (JB)

Innovative design for a generation 1.1 system

Emulator Design for Testing Different Releases or Solutions

A cost-effective next-gen testing solution

Auxiliary Converter Development

Ground-breaking, future-ready design

Quest Global Joins Coalition for Open Process Automation (COPA) to Enable Industry 4.0 Journey for its Customers

Association highlights company’s commitment for building Next Generation Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

10 Car to 5 Car Split & Join – CDR to DDR

Designing a first-in-class split and join solution

How Technology is Making the World a Cleaner Place!

We live in a time filled with paradoxes: Collectively, we know far more than perhaps all the generations that preceded us combined, and yet individually we have far more unanswered questions than ever before. We have more capacity to solve problems than our forebears could have possibly imagined, and yet new challenges arise at such

Engineers of Quest Global – Sindhu’s Story

My passion for solving the hardest engineering problems ironically started by being surrounded by doctors. Hi, I am Sindhu Ramachandran, and this is my Engineers of Quest Global story. While growing up, most of my relatives and neighbors were doctors, and I  was fascinated by their approach to their profession. I’d often ask them, ‘why

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Sustenance Factory by Quest Global

Empowering customers overcome worldwide silicon crisis The pandemic-led supply chain/logistics disruption resulted in silicon delays (digital, analog, mixed and discrete), premature or forced end-of-life for components and higher procurement cost, leading to a loss of revenue and market share for products. The losses to silicon chip shortages were staggering, vis-a-vis lost production, time and market

Quest Global Launches Community Learning Centers for Tribal Communities in Kerala

Organization collaborates with Nature’s Green Guardians Foundation (NGGF) to help build a brighter future